Become a Certified Bowen Therapist!
The 260-hour Bowen-Therapy course BOW-TER, designed according to the highest professional standards,
is aimed at healthcare professionals and professional staff with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

The Bow-Ter Slovenia Course is accepted by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association as meeting the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Bowen therapy as a Core Bowen Course.

Professionalism and proficiency

The BOW-TER Bowen therapy course was designed on the basis of knowledge and experience, acquired through many years of implementing and teaching Bowen therapy in Slovenia, and through collaboration with many world-renowned Bowen therapy instructors. Its aim is to expand the professional and practical knowledge of health professionals (health technicians, physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists) and therapists who are professionally engaged in manual therapies and who fulfil the course’s requirements. We follow new findings in the field of anatomy and physiology, which offer a deeper understanding of the functioning of this type of therapy.

The instructors are full members of BTPA - The Bowen Therapy Professional Association.

An innovative way of teaching

A special feature of our course is that, as part of their practical examination, course members perform procedures on the instructors. In this way, they acquire the appropriate knowhow in how to correctly execute Bowen therapy moves. Thus, in addition to broad theoretical knowledge, they also acquire the necessary practical experience. Course members upgrade their skills in performing the therapy in a “recipe-type” manner. They learn to comprehensively observe a client’s posture and how to identify restrictions and apply appropriate procedures in their various combinations. We use modern teaching aids.

Regular professional training

We organise regular annual training for Bowen therapists who have completed the course in accordance with the professional curriculum of the Society of Bowen Therapists of Slovenia. We acquaint them with new, up-to-date guidelines and deepen their existing knowledge.

License in alternative and complementary medicine

The course’s curriculum corresponds to the professional criteria necessary for obtaining a license for performing medical activities in the field of healing methods – Bowen therapy. The Society of Bowen Therapists of Slovenia, responsible for issuing an expert opinion on the qualifications of a Bowen therapist for the implementation of Bowen therapy, has proclaimed the BOW-TER course as appropriate for the issuance of a positive expert opinion, as it meets with the requirements of the Catalogue of Expertise and Skills for obtaining the title of healer in the field of Bowen therapy.

BTPA Accepted Bowen Training School

The BOW-TER Slovenia Course has been accepted as neeting  National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Bowen Therapy.

BTPA is an autonomous non-profit organisation run by Bowen Therapists for Bowen Therapists. The association provides a Constitution, Ethics and Code of Practice to help our members work professionally. BTPA assesses and accredits new courses for members' Continuing Professional Development (CPD).