Renata Radič Berglez

A Bowen therapist in body and soul

Renata’s first encounter with Bowen therapy had a significant impact on her life, and a few years later, it altered her professional path as well. She is a radiological engineer by profession, with years of experience in this field. She likes to say that she very early on discovered that there is more to people than meets the eye, and that her profession has led her to the realisation that there is also much more to people when observed from within. It was this philosophy that led her to explore the functioning of the human organism and the effects that the mind and emotions have on the body.

After finishing high school, she attained the title Graduate Engineer of Radiology at the Radiology Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ljubljana. In 1985, she gained employment at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, where she worked in several professional fields (emergency services, interventional radiology, cardiology, neurology, management).

In 2008, she acquired the Bowen therapy certificate – Bowen Therapy Essentials, and founded her company REMEDIO, where she performs therapies and provides educational services.

Renata has been a licensed instructor at the BTE School – Bowen Therapy Essentials, an EFT 3rd level practitioner in accordance with AAMET standards, a TRE Povider (for individuals and groups), an NLP practitioner (INLPTA), an Emmett therapist and Emmtech tutor. Last year, she also obtained an instructor’s license – The Importance of Symmetry and Textbook Procedures. Renata is a full member of the independent UK based international organisation of Bowen therapists, the BTPA – the Bowen Therapy Professional Association.

She compliments her expertise of conventional medical sciences, acquired through her medical education and a 27-year-long career at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, with her knowledge of complementary medicine. Renata regularly educates and perfects herself in the field of manual and energy therapies with guidance from world-renowned therapists. She also participates in research projects led by the Centre for Clinical Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, where she currently enjoys part-time employment.

Renata was President of the Society of Bowen Therapists of Slovenia from 2012 to 2016.

Zalika Tisnikar Lamot

Manual therapist with a holistic approach

Zalika has had a passion for helping people from a very young age. Her role model was her grandfather, who inspired her with his medical knowledge. During her high school years, she joined a group of volunteers who tended to the elderly in a retirement home. She was exceptionally interested in motor and manual techniques, which led her to study physiotherapy. Finishing her studies in 2001, she gained employment at the Terme Topolšica Health Resort and later at the Terme Dobrna Medical Centre, where she was introduced to a wide spectrum of physiotherapeutic treatment of patients and gained over ten years of rich experience in the field.

Ever since completing her studies, Zalika continues to upgrade her knowledge in various fields, applying it in her conducting of training sessions (Pilates exercise, exercises for pregnant women, exercises with therapy balls and ribbons, exercises for mothers with babies, exercises for the elderly) and the implementation of various manual forms of therapies (mobilisation, PNF, myofascial trigger points, Mulligan concept, physiotherapeutic treatment of a neurological patients, medi-tape, therapeutic massage, reiki).

It was in 2003 that she first got introduced to Bowen therapy and received an opportunity to experience its effects on her own body. The technique, due to its gentle, incredibly fast and effective approach, appealed to her so very much that she successfully completed a course that same year. She later became an instructor at the BTE School – Bowen Therapy Essentials. She would often apply this therapy when all other methods failed, with the Bowen therapy always proving to be the most effective option.

Zalika’s philosophy when performing therapy is maintaining a respectful attitude, listening to and subtly perceiving her patients’ bodies, as well as the belief in the ability of homeostasis, which is why she has always opted for more delicate techniques and methods. In 2016, she completed the Emmett therapy course and became an Emmtech tutor. She is a TRE method 1st level instructor (for individuals). She has continually upgraded her knowledge in the field of Bowen therapy and other manual and energy therapies, and has also obtained an instructor’s license – The Importance of Symmetry and Textbook Procedures. Since 2013, she has been running her own practice where she successfully applies all her knowledge.