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The BOW-TER Bowen therapy course for health professionals and professional staff with knowledge of anatomy and physiology is based on the highest professional standards. We follow the latest medical knowledge in the field of Bowen therapy.

The course consists of 260 pedagogical hours. During seven modules, course members cover 140 hours, with additional 120 hours spent individually during individual modules by performing documented and verified practical tasks and clinical cases. During individual modules, course members have enough time to acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge.

The modules consist of a theoretical and practical part. During the course, course members deepen their understanding of the functioning of the human organism. They receive first-hand experience of how the therapy functions and witness responses from their peers and volunteers on whom they practice. All these changes require an integration period.

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Course members are introduced to an integrated therapeutic approach and specific assessment of a patient’s condition. Basic procedures are followed by specific procedures on the pelvis, chest, extremities and the head, as well as the treatment of various physiological conditions.

The course is completed by passing a written and practical examination. Before the exam, it is necessary to fulfil all the obligations and requirement during the modules and successfully complete the required number of clinical cases.

Our goal is to ensure that after successfully acquiring the certificate, course members are fully trained to work according to the highest professional and ethical standards.